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  Re: IRTC statictics site  
From: Jim Charter
Date: 2 Mar 2004 10:44:08
Message: <4044abc8$1@news.povray.org>
JC (Exether) wrote:

> Jim Charter wrote:
>> A think an overview of the statistics is a great idea, and an 
>> interesting challenge.  But it is not very clear to me what your site 
>> is telling me.  The tracking of individuals, images, and of topics all 
>> seems to be vying for attention.  Maybe some sort of graphs or charts 
>> showing the profile of the data would help with understanding the 
>> meaning of the display.  Or maybe just more detailed description of 
>> what you intend to show.  Again I think it's a great idea but needs to 
>> be taken a further.  The display of data in a meaningful way is not a 
>> trivial task.  I have a pretty good understanding of the contest and 
>> who the players are and I have a great deal of difficulty 
>> understanding what is shown there.  I would definitely hesitate to 
>> refer the page to someone unfamiliar with the contest.  Again, great 
>> idea, great potential, needs further refinement imho.
> Thanks for sharing this, I think I was not aware enough of that, 
> probably because I made the site so I know what everything is.
> In a way the spaghetti structure of the site is on purpose, because it 
> is intended to let you browse the competition at will going from 
> artist's pages to theme then another artist, etc.
> But obviously I have been too fast in the explanation, trying to make it
> short because people usually don't bother reading too much on the net.
> I need to seperate what is equivalent to what's on the IRTC site, like 
> theme's and rounds, and this yearly championship that I added and that
> probably messes things up.
> I'll work on clearing that up when I have time,
>> The actual scores themselves, as a comparative thing seem the least 
>> interesting to me.  I am more interested in the people.
> I had other people telling me that they were interested in more scores 
> statistics, my position is more intermediate, so I'll see.
>> Who are the main players, win percentage, who were the early leaders, 
>> who are the later ones.  What you are touching on is the history of 
>> the contest itself.  I think you need to address how the numbers show 
>> that history.
> The championship from start page is supposed to point out who the main 
> players are.
>> On a further note:
>> We have a distinct trend in fewer and fewer entrants it seems.  Yet 
>> these newsgroups seem to be as lively as ever.  I can't keep up with 
>> all the threads.  I wonder, can you analyte the data and see if there 
>> is any trend in the number or percentage of new participants versus 
>> returning?
>> Say if you pick some threshold, for an individual's degree of 
>> participation, does it peak and then wane?  Have regulars moved on?  
>> Is this a constant process or was there a bulge?  Does the data reveal 
>> anything more about this trend?
> Interesting idea, I could have statistics about the number of new 
> entrants for each round or the average number of previous entries among 
> all entrants of a round.
> JC

Really I was just trying to encourage you to push it.  I think it could 
be a showcase site, more than just an aside.  Give you more "permission" 
to indulge the idea if that's what jazzes you.  The championship points 
idea is quite brilliant I think.  I could image other spin off contests 
too.  Your site could be a place to retrospect leading participants or 
certain entries too.

It was Nathan's entry for "School" that first galvanized my interest in POV.

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