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  Re: IRTC statictics site  
From: JC (Exether)
Date: 29 Feb 2004 04:26:11
Message: <4041b033@news.povray.org>
John VanSickle wrote:

> JC (Exether) wrote:
>>Here we go, it's ready :
> I note that the rankings sum all of the scores over the course of the
> time frame.  Consequently, my 24 animation entries put me at the top of
> the list for all four categories, even though I've only placed about
> half of the time,
> Regards,
> John

Yes, I had to think quite a lot about this, because obvisouly you can 
imagine some one sending lots of entries and becoming first even with 
average scores. But the fact is that this is not so easy to do, in 
addition of doing a lot of entries this entrant would have to be quite 
good too to get correct scores.

The fact that you submited a lot of entries and that they were of good 
quality makes you first, this points you as the major contributor of the 
competition, I don't see why and how I would penalize you. The 
championship from start might look a bit strange, and newcomers might 
have troubles getting in but it is what it is : from start.

In the stills competition there is examples of people having sent a huge 
amount images and because they got only average score they're not first.

 >  and have never gotten the HM for Concept.
You have (Slow Motion), and you ranked once first (Adventure) and four 
times second. You have to see that awards don't add any points, only 
ranks do.

Don't be too humble you deserve you rank I think,
If you think that it is unfair, I'm listening suggestion.

http://exether.free.fr/irtc (more IRTC stats !)

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