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  Re: Sound?  
From: Stephen
Date: 20 Sep 2007 10:35:01
Message: <web.46f283f9ab08231ec4e49fa40@news.povray.org>
Markus Altendorff <maa### [at] panoramasde> wrote:
> Stephen wrote:

> Me too. Sound shouldn't be a deciding factor. It seems unfair -
> composing or mixing an additional soundtrack is something that favours
> things like audio clipart collections or software that doesn't come
> cheap, OR just slapping some MP3 to a video and risk getting into
> trouble with copyright. OR digging for hours through the Creative
> Commons file pools in search of something that fits the mood of the video.

Too much like hard work for my liking :)

> > switched on.)
> <me waving hand in Jedi gesture>You do not at all want to watch my
> previous entries.</>
> ;)


> I'm not exactly inclined to talk you out of this - sound or no sound is
> also a matter of having the tools and resources available, and this
> shouldn't be a deciding factor for an animation competition. Just
> because i've happened to be editing home videos for more than a decade,
> which means i've stacks of disks of background music that came with the
> software available, to use legally, doesn't mean i should be getting a
> higher rating for an animation because of the soundtrack.
> Sound is extremely powerful in evoking emotions, i'd say much more so
> than visuals alone. Videos without sound are automatically at a
> disadvantage, no doubt about it.

fills in the details.

for me to do :-)
I can imagine putting music to my shorts but then they would become full
length movies.

> You can't begin to imagine how hard it is. :)

How did I know that you would say that :)

> Basically, anything that can be "script-controlled" or is
> procedural/recursive by nature is easier in POV than in Cinema. Pushing
> polygons or meshes around is easier in C4D than in
> POV-without-a-modeller. Particle effects are so-so. Setting them up and
> previewing is easier in C4D. Rule-based particles are a pain in each
> software. Setting up dynamic effects (clothing, hair) is easy in C4D,
> getting them to work as desired is unnerving, but i guess that's the
> same in every software.

Thanks for the synopsis and yes I guess clothing is fun in any S/Ware :)

> It seems POV compares rather to the render module of Cinema alone than
> the whole C4D package, e.g. feeding said module the data by hand would
> be the equivalent of using POVray combined with a text editor.

controls in the modeller.

> I've played around with "plain" POV for a while (sadly, it doesn't
> launch any more on my new computer), and that's why i've got lots of
> respect for everyone doing computer animation that way...


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