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  Re: Only 48 hours, and: how long should the description be?  
From: Stephen
Date: 30 Aug 2007 09:05:00
Message: <web.46d6bf98ed318b20c4e49fa40@news.povray.org>
Markus Altendorff <maa### [at] panoramasde> wrote:
> Stephen wrote:

> > types of mapping :-)
> Hey, the doorframe is made from three cubes, so it seemed like a natural
> pick... waitaminute, it used to be "flat" mapping, maybe something was
> "corrected" when i moved it from C4D R8 to C4D R10... d'oh.

> > Just out of interest how does cubical mapping work? I have never used it. I

> > mapping. I can see a line/edge on the cube giving problems but have
> > difficulty visualising a major problem. But what do I know :-)
> It's no real "cubical" mapping as in e.g. a VR six-faced cube
> environment map, it's more of a "one image projected onto the faces of a
> "texture space" cube, and then mapped to the UV mesh of the real object."
> I think it's because there's a tipping point where the "left side"
> becomes the "front side" if the surface normal crosses it, and with me
> defining the texture rotation exactly at that angle, any minor
> calculation rounding can make it flip to either side. Cool, my very
> first own fractal texture :)

> >

> > well.
> Unless my PC blows a fuse, it should work out. Need to tweak a few
> subtitles i'm not yet happy with, and just noticed that there's a few
> seconds where i mismatched the talk timing (A: moving mouth, B:
> gesturing...), need to re-run this. Another hour or so, at home. But
> since i don't need my workplace computer right now, i've launched the
> render there. Ouch. That box is SLOOOOOW. At home, the quad core eats
> through the frames at 30 sec/frm., this box here is more like 2 min/frm
> (single CPU G5 iMac).

2 min/frame! How can you complain about that, luxury :-)

> I can definitely say, with my old home computer, i'd never have been
> able to do the film i managed this time :)
> Oh, and in regard to encoding: I can hardly believe there's no decent
> and free MPEG-1 encoder for Mac... with the video editing stuff, i got
> all the shiny tools and the latest codecs, but MPEG-1 ...? "VCD standard
> 150 kB/s" (waaay too big and wrong aspect ratio...) is all i can pick,
> with no manual overrides anywhere. So i'm transcoding it back and forth
> until i get an AVI-wrapped anamorphic DV-Stream, transfer that to my PC
> and run it through TMPEGenc Lite under Windows.

> Well, at full resolution (720x360) it is a nice compact 29 MB H.264 MP4
> file, though. Maybe i should put that online somewhere, too ;)

> P.S.: Aw, so far there's nothing to be seen from Rusty? :(

I thought that John said that he would enter something.


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