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  Re: Ping-of-life message: 8 days remaining until change of topics, voting q=  
From: Stephen
Date: 27 Aug 2007 09:05:00
Message: <web.46d2cacf39ac6738c4e49fa40@news.povray.org>
Markus Altendorff <maa### [at] panoramasde> wrote:
> Stephen wrote:
> >
> > That must be mine. I was in a rush to get it posted and hassled by lack of
> > time and bad traveling experiences at the weekend.
> Yes, it is. Well, with two to choose from, the chance was about 50% ;)

> > As for the image it is a traditional cyclic doodle. I would have liked to
> > put more moving elements but was limited by the modeler in its present
> > state.
> Don't i know that... though i must admit, playing with my new toys
> (Cinema 10.1 + new computer) has broadend my toolchest and options to
> create scenes in 3D significantly. :)
Well one of the good things about Beta testing software is the opportunity
to influence the final product. One of the bad things was entering values
for every Keyframe as a linear spline had not been implemented (it has now
in a new release).

> > What can I say about the scene? Well obviously we are looking at someone in
> > a Black Robe with two companions but why is one of them unclothed and the
> > other looking pensive? What entity, streams bodies from one place to
> > another in a surreal environment?
> Oops. I was actually hoping for answers to those :)

I could have told you but then I would have had to transmogrify you :-)

> > Questions, questions and I have no answers, only a viewport to this sphere
> > of existence.
> Ah, it's sort of "bringing alive a mental image" or doing a "living
> freeze-frame". This is something i've not even thought about. Inspiring!
> Leaves the viewer with a lot to think and wonder about. Me, i'm somehow
> stuck in the less artistic, more manufactural "getting that inner
> movie/script thing on the screen" mode... :S

I would not say that it is less artistic to create characters, plot,
storyboard etc. Doing a "living freeze-frame" (I like that term, I think of
it as Masque-like) is simple in most cases, but like a short SF story it
must have a twist. For me the twist is wondering what is going to happen to
the lady in the arch.
Did you notice the stars twinkling? It is quite subtle.

> Your scene brought (for me) quite a lot of associations, most from
> dystopian Sci-Fi films, i'll readily admit. "Ambulance", "Minority
> Report", even the multimedia elements of Mike Oldfield's "Songs of
> Distant Earth" ("Hibernaculum") or maybe something like the "decanting"
> plant described in Huxley's Brave New World...
> -M

Well I read a lot of SF but seldom watch any films and as I said I stole the
idea from Gail. I think that I must reread Brave New World as I cannot
remember the decanting" plant. Dystopian is right but maybe it is not and
these are souls in the process of being sent to their lives. Hmm I just

I always look forward to seeing yours


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