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  Re: Looks like a real round this time  
From: Hildur K 
Date: 19 Jan 2007 18:45:01
Message: <web.45b1575e48a177e0505d35150@news.povray.org>
> Well, unless you're doing an incredibly detailed still
> scene, animating may be even more time-consuming than
> building a still picture? (did i write that out loud?
> Ooops... anyone from the stills crowd here? Nobody? Whew... ;)
> -Markus

Of course we know that making animations is more time assuming than stills.

Anyway, it seems like we have one problem in common. The IRTC server has

though the stills round deadline ended on the 31st of December, a new topic


Just wanted to make you aware of this, and perhaps to drag you into the
discussion :-)

Hildur (one of those many stills submitters).

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