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  Another copyright question: fan site vs. copyright infringement?  
From: gregjohn
Date: 3 Aug 2004 12:15:00
Message: <web.410fb933fb1a44aa40d56c170@news.povray.org>
I've sometimes thought about making a web page to celebrate the use of
povray in character animation. Before I even start, I'm wondering what's
proper both in terms of copyright law and etiquette, in using images of
someone else's work. Specifically, exactly what uses would so surely
constitute "fair use" that you could do it (in an extreme case) without the
creator's permission?

For example, suppose John vanSickle were to win the next round.  Would his
local newspaper have the right to publish (paper or web) a screen grab of
Rusty in their news story, even without his permission?

The site would have a picture of the character, links to published
animations, links to the creator's web site, and of course a discussion and

I suppose the best thing is to ask someone I'm interested in like John to
email me an image (NOTE: I'm not committed to the project yet!).  But
suppose I wanted to include in my celebration The Pool Shark Guy or art
from someone who's totally dropped out of the scene or is no longer
reachable by email.

Any thoughts?

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