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  Re: The IRTC Animations T-shirt at zazzle.  
From: gregjohn
Date: 17 Jan 2004 18:15:01
Message: <web.4009c0f3ace98aa73a5fb9ba0@news.povray.org>
Andrew Wilcox wrote:
>> Um, I guess I don't understand.  I was trying to get over the issues of
>> proprietary code and multitudinous rendering packages.  How could they
>> render everything in one scene?  I guess that your scenario would instead
>> be just like a photograph of a wall of a gallery, which might have less
>> appeal.
>Then there would be the problem of reflections and shadows, etc, etc.
>Everything kind of needs to be in a single scene.

Well, there was an add for LOTR that had closeup facial photographs of ten
different characters, probably taken weeks apart.  So it is doable to
"sell" IRTC without having a single rendering.

And if we're simply showcasing the characters, rather than trying to trick
someone into thinking they're seeing a photograph, couldn't they just as
well rely on cutting and pasting out a particular regions of different
bitmap.  You just tell them to be inside box{A,B} with certain lighting
setup.  If we have characters (like Rusty) with reflective surfaces, we
could give the artists  something to reflect off of (a sky sphere, put them
in front of the crowd but behind the letters WWW.IRTC.ORG).

But if a single rendering is absolutely required, maybe that's the reason
it's just a plain crazy idea, for two reasons:

1) I'm sure that we ought to open it up to non-povvers, and I for one
wouldn't want to import items from four different packages together.  I'm
sure my blob character will not work in any other package.
2) Even among folks with a very high level of comradery, it takes a whole
'nuther level of trust to just email over your whole character's code
files.  Even if you trust the person not to run away with it, you might not
be ready to expose all the warts, etc., involved in the use of the scene

Greg M. Johnson

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