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From: gregjohn
Date: 17 Jan 2004 11:25:02
Message: <web.400960f8b3d04d4d3a5fb9ba0@news.povray.org>
Here's an idea.  I'm not sure I have the will or time to do it all, but
here's the idea:

ELIGIBILITY: Anyone who's ever posted an anims entry to IRTC.

END PRODUCT: Eventually, we have a single image which touts animation in
IRTC, with the URL displayed. It would look like a splash page for a comic
book, a movie poster, or maybe a hospital's ad.  It would have a
"character" from everyone choosing to participate.  The "characters" could
be anything you had that moved in the animation, from Tek's spaceship to
N.A.'s Microcosmic mite to Matt Giwers' 8-ball guy to Rusty to my blob guy
to the rubber duckie to one of the Dry Run guys.

1) A Coordinator solicits a model sheet (just a 320x240 rendering) of your
character, with some notes of its poseability (is it a solid mesh, fully
manipulatible, etc.)
2) The Coordinator gives to the Head Artist all the model sheets.  The Head
Artist sketches up a storyboard (single frame of course) with all the
characters assembled in some interesting way.  The Head Artist then
notifies the Coordinator how each character is to be posed and lighted.
Probably with instructions: fit your character in box{A,B} with camera at
{C} and lights at D,E,and F.
3) The Coordinator tells the individual artists to make a rendering of their
figure in the way indicated.
4) The Head Artist then splices all the images together.
5) The T-shirt is then uploaded to zazzle.

If it's cool enough, maybe the owner of the Reach for the Stars account at
zazzle will allow us to put it on "their account," so that sales of
T-shirts with the image will benefit the IRTC server.

I'd love for this note here to cause the project to take off.  I've got too
many things on my plate to do it "well,"  "now"  as either Coordinator, and
you don't want me to be the Head Artist.

Greg M. Johnson

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