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  Re: Two appear cut off  
From: John VanSickle
Date: 24 Apr 2003 02:25:05
Message: <web.3ea782b14a6aa6ff5296ff860@news.povray.org>
John VanSickle wrote:
>Tek wrote:
>> I too had the bursts of corruption on dryrun, I tried that in a few
>> different players but they all show the same problem.
>If you look closely, the MPEG encoder used for dryrun sampled the
>colors at full resolution (instead of downsizing by 50% in each
>direction).  You can tell because the red objects are at full detail
>instead of being blocky.  This could be what's causing the problem.

Upon taking a second look, I observe that the anim was sampled at the
normal resolution for MPEG color.  Sorry if I misled anyone.


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