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  Re: A confession  
From: Chris B
Date: 1 Apr 2009 06:26:28
Message: <49d34154$1@news.povray.org>
"Sascha Ledinsky" <sas### [at] ledinskynet> wrote in message 
>I have to make a confession:
> My animation called "The Impostor", which won the April 2005 IRTC 
> animation contest, was not original. I've found it on some old betamax 
> tape and given the video quality it's probably much older (16mm film I 
> guess.)
> All I did was removing the scratches and colorizing it frame by frame with 
> The Gimp, lip-syncing a soundtrack to the video and uploading it to the 
> IRTC webpage.
> Well, I can't live with that lie any longer, so here's a link to the 
> original version of "The Impostor":
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SftAX9zn9HA
> or
> http://jpatch.com/animations/vintage_impostor.mpg
> My apologies, I'm very sorry!

This is outrageous and you're clearly doing it again! You've even retitled 
this 'original' as if it's you're own work, when it is recognisably a 
retouch of Walt Harvards 1943 short film for which he was largely 
discredited, accused of stealing Albert Finklestein's ideas and preliminary 
sketches from 1941, which themselves turned out to be a plagiarism of a 
cartouche found in the tomb of Archenarchenarchenen. When will this deceipt 

The only saving grace is your excellent colorization work, enabling this 
classic to be appreciated by a whole new generation.

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