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  Re: Countdown: 9 days for "Mother Hive" animation round  
From: St 
Date: 11 Dec 2007 01:45:11
Message: <475e31f7$1@news.povray.org>
"Markus Altendorff" <maa### [at] anthrosphinxde> wrote in message 
> Hi,
> the next round on tc-rtc.co.uk (a.k.a. "IRTC 2" ;) starts on the 17th with 
> the announcement of the the next topic. The current topic ("The Mother 
> Hive") ends on the same day.
> Just a reminder :)

      Thanks Markus. :o)

> I'm not going to enter the "Hive" topic, though. Never got beyond the 
> storyboard phase. Darn that real life thing... :(

    Shame about that, but I know what you mean about the RL thing though.

     There's plenty more to come yet though, so keep your eye on it.  ;)


> -M

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