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  Re: Sound?  
From: St 
Date: 19 Sep 2007 19:32:58
Message: <46f1b1aa@news.povray.org>
"Greg M. Johnson" <pte### [at] thecommononethatstartswithYcom> wrote in 
message news:46f08c94@news.povray.org...
> Should this be a line item in the FAQ?

      Quite possibly Greg. I really don't know, I'm a Stills guy, and as far 
as I know, sound isn't allowed within the Stills Challenges, but hey, 
there's a new scope yet for Stills, eh? :)

       Anyway, this isn't the Stills group, this is the Animations group, so 
all, what's the general consensus with 'sound' in animations?

         If it's needed in the FAQ, I'll add it. Please let me know your 


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