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  Re: End date?  
From: Markus Altendorff
Date: 18 Sep 2007 19:03:22
Message: <46f0593a$1@news.povray.org>
gregjohn wrote:
> I don't see any mention of the end date for the September 2007 round on the
> contest web page. A note in the previous thread made a reference to a
> contest length that IMO was incorrect.

At the moment, the web page says "104 days", which points to 
a December 31st end date. However, Stephen mentioned that 
for the voting to work "as usual" (i.e. voting only AFTER 
the deadline) within the current schedule, it'd be necessary 
to move the deadline for uploads backwards to the 17th, then 
enable voting from 18th to 31st. The new topic would be 
announced on the 17th/18th, too, so the "effective working 
time" would remain at 4 months, with the exception of the 
current round.
At least that was the idea, because (i guess) then Colin 
wouldn't need to re-write much of the automation of the web 
page. So far, there's not been another word wether/when 
this'll be activated. Maybe they just need a little more 
time to work it out. For more details, take a look at 
irtc.stills, Sept. 12th

(i hope this URL works, lots of funny characters in it: )


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