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  Re: Next Challenge  
From: John VanSickle
Date: 2 Sep 2007 22:44:36
Message: <46db7514@news.povray.org>
St. wrote:
> "John VanSickle" <evi### [at] hotmailcom> wrote in message 
> news:46da182b$1@news.povray.org...
>>If my modeler can do a human being, I might be able to gin up something 
>>good for this.
>      Hey John, I've tried your modeler and I know it's more than capable. 
> It's all about what the artist (modeller) does with it/can do with it. Keep 
> at it, it'll be worth it. :)
>    As for the topic, yeah, this is a good one for you too.  ;)

I have a definite story idea worked out.  It all hangs on whether I can 
design a workable human model and animate it well in four months.


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