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  Re: TC-RTC: my upload's done, with 12 hours to spare :)  
From: Markus Altendorff
Date: 31 Aug 2007 07:15:18
Message: <46d7f846$1@news.povray.org>
St. wrote:
> "Markus Altendorff" <maa### [at] anthrosphinxde> wrote in message 
> news:46d749df$1@news.povray.org...
>      :o)  You know, I had the most horrible time trying to view your 
> animation last night Markus. Not your fault, Windows. ;) Or rather, I should 
> say Media Player's. When I clicked on the thumb and MP10 came up, it 
> immediately gave me some kind of codec error. "Hmm... What gives?" I 
> thought. "Nope, it's not gonna play." And then out of the blue came another 
> message that an upgrade to MP11 was available, so I tried that, and nope, 
> that didn't work either! And more to the point, the others didn't also. 
> Oops, what to do, what to do... Well, in the end I just rolled back to MP10 
> and they all worked again. Hmm. <scratches head> 

That's why i keep a copy of VideoLANclient (videolan.org) at hand. I'm 
always wondering why Quicktime seems to have a different kind of 
brightness correction for each and every codec - JPEG intermediate files 
seemed OK viewed "standalone", then too dark in the video editor (while 
looking OK in freeze-frame mode!), then the final video was too bright 
after converting to MPEG-4, then again OK as MPEG-1, but washed out when 

VideoLAN's display brightness didn't jump around nearly as much...

>> Bracing myself for any kind of comments now... :S
>     Well, let's just say that my hassle with MP was worth it.  :o)

Heh. Thanks, nice to hear :) Did you check out JvS's Rusty #33? Now THAT 
is excellent video quality! And i couldn't help but chuckle at the blue 
robot "running away" in the end :)


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