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  Re: Only 48 hours, and: how long should the description be?  
From: Markus Altendorff
Date: 30 Aug 2007 10:19:32
Message: <46d6d1f4@news.povray.org>
Stephen wrote:

> 2 min/frame! How can you complain about that, luxury :-)

Tell me about it :) though what i've found has helped me most are the 
new graphics cards inside the new box, because i spend most of my time 
working "visually", and the abysmal speed of the old PCI/AGP mix i had 
before was really cramping my style ;)

Ah well, that see-through chainmail top really did kill the speed, it 
seems - with that out of the picture, even the older box is pushing to 


Well, inside the 3D software, it doesn't matter, and while editing the 
videos, it's much easier to handle all those files and folders than on 
the XP box i use for the occasional software development and the 
"compatibility"... - eh, looks? With a computer? It's below the desk, it 
could be a brick for all i care :) but sure is much more orderly on the 
inside of the chassis than my PC.

>> file, though. Maybe i should put that online somewhere, too ;)

OK, i'll drop the URL once it's finished.

>> P.S.: Aw, so far there's nothing to be seen from Rusty? :(
> I thought that John said that he would enter something.

Yes, that's what i remembered, too. But i keep on hoping... still 18 
hours to go, or something. It's UK-time based, isn't it?


P.S.: Arrrgh! Need another 150 frames to add a final punchline... Well, 
not "need"... "WANT!"


Creativity, where were you half a month ago...?

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