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  Re: Only 48 hours, and: how long should the description be?  
From: Markus Altendorff
Date: 30 Aug 2007 06:27:27
Message: <46d69b8f@news.povray.org>
Stephen wrote:

> types of mapping :-)

Hey, the doorframe is made from three cubes, so it seemed like a natural 
pick... waitaminute, it used to be "flat" mapping, maybe something was 
"corrected" when i moved it from C4D R8 to C4D R10... d'oh.

> Just out of interest how does cubical mapping work? I have never used it. I

> mapping. I can see a line/edge on the cube giving problems but have
> difficulty visualising a major problem. But what do I know :-)

It's no real "cubical" mapping as in e.g. a VR six-faced cube 
environment map, it's more of a "one image projected onto the faces of a 
"texture space" cube, and then mapped to the UV mesh of the real object."
I think it's because there's a tipping point where the "left side" 
becomes the "front side" if the surface normal crosses it, and with me 
defining the texture rotation exactly at that angle, any minor 
calculation rounding can make it flip to either side. Cool, my very 
first own fractal texture :)

>> I'll let it run again, so my video won't be ready until
>> tomorrow afternoon...

> well.

Unless my PC blows a fuse, it should work out. Need to tweak a few 
subtitles i'm not yet happy with, and just noticed that there's a few 
seconds where i mismatched the talk timing (A: moving mouth, B: 
gesturing...), need to re-run this. Another hour or so, at home. But 
since i don't need my workplace computer right now, i've launched the 
render there. Ouch. That box is SLOOOOOW. At home, the quad core eats 
through the frames at 30 sec/frm., this box here is more like 2 min/frm 
(single CPU G5 iMac).
I can definitely say, with my old home computer, i'd never have been 
able to do the film i managed this time :)

Oh, and in regard to encoding: I can hardly believe there's no decent 
and free MPEG-1 encoder for Mac... with the video editing stuff, i got 
all the shiny tools and the latest codecs, but MPEG-1 ...? "VCD standard 
150 kB/s" (waaay too big and wrong aspect ratio...) is all i can pick, 
with no manual overrides anywhere. So i'm transcoding it back and forth 
until i get an AVI-wrapped anamorphic DV-Stream, transfer that to my PC 
and run it through TMPEGenc Lite under Windows.

Well, at full resolution (720x360) it is a nice compact 29 MB H.264 MP4 
file, though. Maybe i should put that online somewhere, too ;)


P.S.: Aw, so far there's nothing to be seen from Rusty? :(

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