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  Re: Only 48 hours, and: how long should the description be?  
From: Markus Altendorff
Date: 29 Aug 2007 07:25:47
Message: <46d557bb$1@news.povray.org>
Stephen wrote:

> I generally do test animations of any materials I am going to use. Just to
> see if there is any flicker. If that is what you mean? Recently I tried
> changing turbulence to warp turbulence to se if it would help. But it made
> things worse. I think this problem is one of the worst in making
> animations.

Well, i did test it, sort of, uhm... but not this time - the whole 
object group is copied straight from the IRTC "Escape" ("Escape^2") 
short i did (2003? 2004?). And it's not so much "flickering" as in 
"in-texture antialiasing too weak", but it's actually "jumping around" 
on the object... weirdest thing i've seen so far. It's OK for a few 
frames, then it shifts a bit to the left/right, then it's back to where 
it started. At first i thought i had accidentally animated some mapping 
parameter in a loop, but there's nothing in the timeline that would 
indicate such a thing, and i'm out of production time... i'll look into 
converting the cubes that build the doorframe to polygon meshes, maybe 
this'll help.
The "usual" flicker of interpolation doesn't bother me as much because i 
compress the video to death anyway, so my problem is there's always 
worse MPEG artefacts than the grainy pulsing of texture edges :)


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