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  Re: Ping-of-life message: 8 days remaining until change of topics, voting q=  
From: Markus Altendorff
Date: 27 Aug 2007 10:35:32
Message: <46d2e134@news.povray.org>
Stephen wrote:

> Well one of the good things about Beta testing software is the opportunity
> to influence the final product. One of the bad things was entering values
> for every Keyframe as a linear spline had not been implemented (it has now
> in a new release).

Ouch. Hey, you realize that by entering values for every frame by hand 
you're now in the same league as the creators of "Tron"? :)

> I could have told you but then I would have had to transmogrify you :-)

"Calvin & Hobbes" reference? :)

> I would not say that it is less artistic to create characters, plot,
> storyboard etc. Doing a "living freeze-frame" (I like that term, I think of
> it as Masque-like) is simple in most cases, but like a short SF story it
> must have a twist. For me the twist is wondering what is going to happen to
> the lady in the arch.
> Did you notice the stars twinkling? It is quite subtle.

Been watching it on my side-notebook at work, and that doesn't do 
"subtle" ;) will have to check again at home.

> Well I read a lot of SF but seldom watch any films and as I said I stole the
> idea from Gail. I think that I must reread Brave New World as I cannot
> remember the decanting" plant. Dystopian is right but maybe it is not and
> these are souls in the process of being sent to their lives. Hmm I just

The "decanting" is just mentioned, not described in detail, i think, as 
the process when the New World (clone?) children are "born", i.e. 
removed from their nurturing containers. Isn't Huxley's Lenina character 
working in such a factory, or something? Reading it has been a while... 
Usually i'm more into TPratchett, Asimov, Lem, if i'm not wasting time 
on the intertubes ;)
I've just finished the brothers Strugatzki's "Roadside picnic" 
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roadside_Picnic - interesting idea for a book.

Have to check that one, i might have missed it the first time.
(Update: maybe because it kills my browser if i try to open it directly 
;) will have to download and try again...

> I always look forward to seeing yours

Me too :) i'm even more looking forward to the comments... it's been cut 
to quite a fast pace, which might be too much for working with 
subtitles. If only i had some decent voice actors :)


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