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  Re: Ping-of-life message: 8 days remaining until change of topics, voting question II  
From: Markus Altendorff
Date: 27 Aug 2007 04:38:09
Message: <46d28d71@news.povray.org>
St. wrote:
>     OMG... really? (SELF: No, not really, it's 6 days to go as of typing 
> this..!)

Four days... but who's counting? (ME! (runs around screaming and waving 
arms - "aaargh! Needtofinishneedtofinishneedtofinish...") ;)

There's a second entry online! Looks like a motion cycle, interesting 
concept. A bit cryptic, was hoping for the description to clear it up.

Oh, by the way: I get lots of "undefined" characters (UTF-8 charset 
markers in my browser, should be apostrophes) when viewing the page. 
Might want to do a ' to "&39;" translation on the output side of things, 
Oh, the template says "JPG: something.MPG" :) but that's just nitpicking. :)

Also, there's an URL in the description that looks pretty beat up, but 
mostly because it's a newsgroup web interface pointer, i guess. Little 
that can be done about that.

>> a) Uploads are possible until the deadline
>         Yes, although, I don't know what would happen if someone uploaded an 
> image or animation let's say, 1 minute before the deadline. I'll look into 
> this.

Depends on when the script checks the date/time. After pressing the 
submit button in the browser, either the recipient script is immediately 
invoked on the server and remains active during the transfer, or the 
server buffers the upload and only afterwards calls the script to handle 
the data. It's safer to assume all must be completed before the deadline 
(and it's the servers' clock setting that determins this, not the local 

>> b) Voting is possible until the deadline, AND for a week thereafter
>           I've got a feeling I may have said that as an idea here somewhere, 
> but as yet, I don't think it's implimented.
Ah, OK. Um. (starts running/screaming again "three days! three days! OMFG!")

>> c) Only those that entered can vote
>          No, as far as I know, other members can vote too, even though they 
> didn't enter. I'll check that too.

Heh, i voted on a still image recently. So i guess it's a membership 
thing, not an entering thing.

>> d) Commenting is not (yet) automated
>         Should be, seems to be working ok from what I've seen.

Ah, fine. Does commenting still work after the deadline? (does one get a 
  mail or something, if a comment was added to one's entries?)

>> [e) Are these in the FAQs already, and i've been too daft to find?]
>    Dang. Now you've found the dent in my armour... :o)
>      The FAQS are due to be updated soon Markus, no, you're not "too daft". 

The court is still out on this... judging from the amount of things i've 
learned about my tools and abilities during this round, i'm afraid 
there's still plenty of daft left in me :)

e.g. i completely forgot that C4D's automated hair guides can be "tied" 
to polygonal surfaces. Yay! Now, even though the character accelerates 
at 5 m/s/s, the hairdo doesn't go "sproink"! Of course, i remembered 
this feature ... yesterday. (sound of head pounding on table)

Ah well, the "core" storyline is rendered! All that's left it one minute 
of "talking heads and a few gestures" to wrap things up. This should be 
manageable (render time permitting)...


Now this wouldn't be complete without some more WiP shots, would it?

The apprentice is "a bit" overwhelmed by how things are progressing...
(just editor pre-render, lacking pillar-of-fire lighting because the 

... and that sight's going to be detrimental to his ease of mind, too...
(light setup incomplete, reason: see above)

Whoops, there goes the grimoire...
(that's actual output size 720x360, from the final)

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