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  Re: 13 days to go, and a question re: voting on TC-RTC...  
From: dbott
Date: 20 Aug 2007 00:19:24
Message: <46c9164c@news.povray.org>
"Markus Altendorff" <maa### [at] anthrosphinxde> wrote in message
> dbott wrote:
> > ---------You have to keep using it or you lose
> > it---------
> That's so true! And there's always something new to learn on
> top of that, either... Friday i got myself Richard Williams'
> "The Animator's Survival Kit" (paperback, faber & faber,
> London)- that's pretty cool stuff, the scribbles and notes
> of the guy that was responsible for directing the animation
> on "Who framed Roger Rabbitt". While the examples are mostly
> from hand-drawn animations, the ideas on timing and workflow
> apply on 3D as well, of course. Amazing, but something that
> obviously needs endless practice to make it second nature...
> Well, looks like as of today, i've got enough render
> snippets to get at least a storyline with a "black robe" in
> it ready, even if i don't manage to complete the whole
> script i intended. :) (of course, re-cutting it would turn
> it into some sort of ordinary fantasy thing, which i
> originally wanted to make fun of ... :S
> -M
> And, it's time for some more WiPs:
> (sorry, i'm just utterly happy with what the new computer
> can do within reasonable time :)
> Wizard opening his book:
> (note the "edge backlight" effect on the robe, that's the
> Fresnel shader in the luminance channel of the material)
> http://wip.anthrosphinx.de/episode010/20070819_163051_snap_59451.jpg
> After throwing the contents of the cup towards the portal
> drawn on the floor, the liquid gets caught in its energy field:
> (inverse volumetric light coupled with ambient lighting for
> the liquid "glow", liquid made from metaball and particles
> in a set of force fields)
> http://wip.anthrosphinx.de/episode010/20070819_171939_snap_62379.jpg
> Things start to go wrong for our apprentice - the formula
> said nothing about "fire from the floor"...:
> http://wip.anthrosphinx.de/episode010/20070820_002716_snap_1635.jpg
> OK, that was definitely NOT what he was trying to conjure:
> http://wip.anthrosphinx.de/episode010/20070820_005249_snap_3168.jpg

I'll be watching...........My Black Robe is a little orphan sitting all by
itself. I finished early due to my summer work schedule. And then, ~Steve~
wanted me to submit early for testing.   .jpg's are looking good.

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