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  Re: 13 days to go, and a question re: voting on TC-RTC...  
From: dbott
Date: 19 Aug 2007 15:26:21
Message: <46c8995d$1@news.povray.org>
"Markus Altendorff" <maa### [at] anthrosphinxde> wrote in message
> dbott wrote:
> > Well, I am looking forward to seeing your animation and
Johns.......????? It
> > inspires me to keep on learning new rendering techniques with pov. I
> > most of Saturday learning Carneholm smoke generator that follows a
> > By the end of the afternoon I managed to produce a small test.
> > http://www.eastsoundsuites.com/animations/smoke.mpg
> That's a nice start! You may want to play with the StartTurb
> and TurbIncRate settings of the generator to get a smoke
> that dissolves over time.
> Of course, smoke/volume media eats CPU cycles like little
> else... no matter which software. In Cinema, there's the
> "PyroCluster" plugin suite to get those effects, since it
> doesn't know anything like the PovRay media effects AFAIK.
> They start out with a default "trace step" of 1 by default,
> which in my scenes usually means 1 = 1 cm. Hint: slooooow.
> For this reason, i've kept well away from these effects...
> Since this time i definitely need a menacing mass of fiery
> rolling clouds (if only to hide the fact that my
> demon/dragon model has no feet ;), i've caved in and read
> the manual. After this, i've upped the trace step distance
> to 60 and shrunk the precision to 1%. Result: 1 frame ever
> 30 seconds. Happy :)
> Oh, and i learned that the plasma noise that creates the
> cloud-like structure has a parameter called "phase" which
> needs to be animated by hand - the default non-animated
> setting makes "copies of a frozen fireball floating up to
> the ceiling while slowly turning black" :)
> Well, at least it works now for an animation. A freeze frame
> looks a bit "blotchy" and artefacts-ridden and would need
> much more render time...
> -M

Yes, rendering is a very slow process, more so with smoke. It took 25 min to
render my little test.
We will see if I incorporate it into a more complex animation. And, yes I
will start messing around with
wind, turbulence and rotation....I just striped the code down to the minimum
to see how it all works and build
up from there. The Smoke Generator uses Chris Colefax Spline generator inc
file (he is good). One
day I'll get there. ---------You have to keep using it or you lose

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