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  Re: 32 days remaining on animation topic "Black Robe"  
From: St 
Date: 1 Aug 2007 03:16:23
Message: <46b03347@news.povray.org>
"Markus Altendorff" <maa### [at] panoramasde> wrote in message 
> John VanSickle wrote:
>> http://www.zazzle.com/pd/awards?at=daily_top_10%25&day=12%2f5%2f2006
>> works better for me.
> This one gives me the stranges redirection loop, with the date counting up 
> and up and up in the browser's URL field, until Zazzle complains about 
> "too many redirections"... (Safari/Mac)
> Ah, the joy of different web browsers! Indispensable tools for the rich 
> multi-media experience ;)

      Wow, it counted down for me using IE until it got to 1998 and then 
produced a 'cannot find server' page. Weird...


> -M

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