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  Re: Free chain mail texture  
From: Markus Altendorff
Date: 27 Jul 2007 11:31:51
Message: <46aa0fe7$3@news.povray.org>
St. wrote:
>       That would be cool. You should be highlighting your past works...

Not sure there's much to highlight there. It's just toying 
around and things hastily thrown together due to IRTC 
deadlines and nowhere near what i'd actually like to be able 
to pull off. :)

>> Same thing (the fresnel effect) was added to the main skin texture, 
>> providing a 20% illuminated edge at all times, no matter the lighting:
>> http://wip.anthrosphinx.de/episode010/20070726_221333_snap_80013.jpg
>> Improves shadow contour visibility in the dark and doesn't get in the way 
>> in the light, without render hogs like ambient occlusion.
>      Oh, that's neat. Is that possible in PoV-Ray, do you think?

Should be, there's a "fresnel on" keyword, but that's a 
reflection attribute. What you'd want would be a texture 
that changes color/brightness in relation to the angle 
between surface normal and incoming camera ray, and set it 
to increase the surface luminance the more this angle nears 
90 degrees (or, better yet, by a user-defineable formula). 
Maybe something like the "normal" command, applied to 
brightness? Can't test this, MacPov is now b0rken on my new 
MacPro with Intel. :(

>      >
>>>      The teeth work for me.
>> I'm not going to respond to that line, no way ;)
>      GNASH!  :)

I just had that last sound FX of the title track of the 
Diana Ross 1985 "Eaten Alive" album play back in my head, 
which until just now i found "funny". :)

And then i searched the video to that song on YouTube. :(
My. If you'll excuse me, i now need to drain the liquid 
crystal substance from my screen to rinse it with acid, cut 
up the monitor cable into tiny pieces, crush the frame with 
a sledgehammer and run the resulting debris through a 
blender. I'll proceed to double wrap the dust and send it 
off to hawaii to be thrown into any volcano currently active.

Scrap that. Instead, throw it into the sea just off the San 
Francisco Bay and watch it be buried under the colliding 
tectonic plates of Pacific and North America.


"Bad" bad. Not "funny" bad like Ed Wood's "Plan 9 from Outer 

Random scene cutting is NOT working well here. The el-cheapo 
40's werewolf monster movie look doesn't work either. I'd 
never thought that i'd ever say this about any kind of video 
clip, but those 3:30 of my life i WANT back. Train wreck. 
Bleagh. No information on the director, but it looks like 
someone tried to rip off a few ideas from John Landis' 
"Thriller" video after watching "Island of Dr. Moreau" while 
under influence.

I'm very, very happy i did meet MTV only briefly during the 
nineties. This has reinforced my belief that music shouldn't 
be SEEN, it should be LISTENED TO.

Well, except of course the first steps into 3D animation 
like Dire Straits' "Money for nothing" or Mick Jagger's 1986 
"Hard Woman". Oooh - nostalgia urge coming up. Going to get 
my a-ha Best Of Videos DVD to make sure that i remember 
there *were* a few fresh ideas in music video style in the 
80s. :)

Well, it doesn't get any more off-topic than that, i guess ;)


P.S.: Opinions expressed are my own, and should be taken 
with a grain of salt. Do Not Try This At Home ;)

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