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  Re: Free chain mail texture  
From: St 
Date: 27 Jul 2007 06:43:38
Message: <46a9cc5a@news.povray.org>
"Markus Altendorff" <maa### [at] panoramasde> wrote in message 
> St. wrote:
>>    Well, it is.  :)
> That's nice :)
>>> http://wip.anthrosphinx.de/episode010/20070727_000401_snap.jpg
>>    Oooo, she's a mean-lookin' Ladysphinx!
> Within the story context, no. The "Sphinx" species is the other one.

       Yes, of course it is.

> I guess i need to draw some "stat sheets" like in RPGs someday to clarify 
> that muddled universe i've been building over the last decade. :) Maybe 
> even get that old website of mine working again...

      That would be cool. You should be highlighting your past works...

> As for mean-lookin', try this :)
> http://wip.anthrosphinx.de/episode010/20070723_001904_snap_1143.jpg

       Yep, that's mean-lookin' alright!

> (found the picture of a growling cat online, and noticed the definite lack 
> of teeth in my old design - didn't know that there are at least three 
> canines on either side, two in the uppper, one in the lower jaw)
> I've since switched off the reflection attribute that never mattered much 
> in the dark spaceship locations but broke in "sky dome" environments and 
> instead added a Fresnel shader in the luminance component to make the 
> edges "glow" a bit. No sample of that yet. Saves some render time, too, 
> because oversampling and the to/fro running rays caused the render to 
> really slow down there.
> Same thing (the fresnel effect) was added to the main skin texture, 
> providing a 20% illuminated edge at all times, no matter the lighting:
> http://wip.anthrosphinx.de/episode010/20070726_221333_snap_80013.jpg
> Improves shadow contour visibility in the dark and doesn't get in the way 
> in the light, without render hogs like ambient occlusion.

     Oh, that's neat. Is that possible in PoV-Ray, do you think?

> > I like that bling too...
> Well, needed some polygon surfaces to hang the chain mail on, and 
> extending the cloth sim around the neck was too unpredictable with motion 
> (Janet Jackson, anyone? ;) I already messed up the connection of 
> cloth<->anchors on the left side - there's a gap, but if i set the 
> "attachment distance" any smaller, the cloth simulation goes "boink"... 
> :( and once a cloth sim is attached to an object, you can't tweak the 
> original poly points without needing to DELETE the sim container and 
> re-configure a new one. Or i just can't find the right buttons in Cinema.

 I wonder if Gilles knows anything about that? I think he uses Cinema.

The printed manual has been scrapped in favour of a few thousand
> HTML pages and "inline help". Gah.

>>      The teeth work for me.
> I'm not going to respond to that line, no way ;)

     GNASH!  :)

>>> Oh, regarding TC-RTC website: is it intentional that members can 
>>> (pre-)view uploaded entries during the timeframe?
>>     For the life of me, I can't remember how the IRTC did it, (it's been 
>> so long), but for now, I don't see any harm in it, unless others can 
>> point out possible pitfalls?
> The IRTC had the upload open, but had the files set to "no access" until 
> the voting started. Possibly to avoid giving ideas away early, so we don't 
> end up with lots of similar pictures because someone thought "great idea, 
> but i can one-up the execution of XYZ's picture".
> Just a thought. Not that i'd suspect that to happen often, or at all. At 
> least it shouldn't, due to things like artistic integrity and stuff...

      Yes, yes, I remember now. They held the images on the FTP site until 
ready. Hmm, I wonder if I can somehow only show a part of an image as a 
thumbnail (like a teaser), until they're ready for rating? I'll look into 
this. Thanks for the input Markus!


> -M

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