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  Re: April 30th approaching...  
From: John VanSickle
Date: 5 May 2007 19:50:56
Message: <463d1860@news.povray.org>
Markus Altendorff wrote:
> John VanSickle wrote:
>> St. wrote:
>>>     *Animations will DEFINATELY be included on our new website, so 
>>> get your
>>> thinking cap on. It will be ready for approximately the middle of 
>>> July to
>>> upload your file, (>12MB cap). Look out for an update on this in the 
>>> coming
>>> months.  :)
>> Um, do you mean to say that animations must be a *minimum* of 12 
>> megabytes?
> Hey, that's easy to do! Just increase the bitrate of the compressor :)
> No, my guess would be it's the upload file size limit of the web 
> server's script engine, since it was mentioned earlier the new website's 
> going to be heavily automated. Not necessarily connected to the file 
> size limit as declared in the IRTC rules.
> I wouldn't complain about a 20% file size increase, either :)

It probably wouldn't affect me, unless the 12M limit was a lower limit; 
I've never had to cut to reduce the size of my .mpg files.


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