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  Re: April 30th approaching...  
From: Markus Altendorff
Date: 27 Apr 2007 06:11:44
Message: <4631cc60@news.povray.org>
>> Markus Altendorff wrote:
>>> ... how's tracing?
>>> Anyone working on the interim "Space Settelement" animation topic?

Wow, with the overwhelmingly "positive" response to that question ... i 
can almost see the tumbleweeds rolling by and hear the broken window 
panes of the IRTC animation community in the distance, rattling in the 
desert wind ;)

Now do i want to publicly embarrass myself by hurrying to finish my 
video, just to find out it's the only entry? :(

I mean, i enjoy making 3-D animations, and now the tools that work well 
with my workflow seem to be available to me. Yeah, nice. Great. But 
what's even more fun is *talking* (resp. writing) about the results and 
the whole feedback stuff. Now 3D isn't quite the mass market (yes, 
YouTube, i'm looking accusingly into your direction...), and i'm not 
something like a real "artist", that's why i've always enjoyed this 
"peer group" talk with other people that already know what doing 3-D 
amateur projects is like here. "You don't have to be any good" (quote 
from the IRTC rulebook) - that's not something you'll find on the front 
page of any other contest/gallery website...
I mean, c'mon. Talking about e.g. "surface normals" isn't quite part of 
the common vocabulary. Most people i know in "real life" tend to 
interpret that as a reference to people who are "secretly nuts" - and 
who am i to blame them ;)
This is why the whole IRTC affair... it just hurts to see it in this 
state of decay.

 > "John VanSickle" <evi### [at] hotmailcom> wrote in message
 > news:463134a4@news.povray.org...

>> I've decided that I'm not going to do any animations until there is a 
>> definite word on whether the IRTC is coming back or not.  At that time 
>> I'll decide when and where I'll be resuming animations.

Sorry to hear that. I'm missing Rusty already. Watching the re-runs just 
isn't the same...

St. wrote:

>         The thing is John, you'll be an old man by the time the folks at the 
> IRTC decide to say ANYTHING at all. Personally, even if the IRTC came back 
> with a new website, new comps, whatever, I wouldn't entertain them. I think 
> it's really bad form to have done what they've done without doing anything, 
> saying anything, to ANYONE that's involved. It was just really bad 
> etiquette, (or, netiquette, if you like).

It sure feels like this, but i'm not certain it was *meant* like that. 
 From what i've gathered over time, the voluntary "staff" of the IRTC is 
really, really small (at some point in time, there were 3 at most? It 
started in its first incarnation as a one-man-show, IIRC), and now with 
the admin gone for unknown reasons...

(i blushingly recall always being under the impression of the IRTC being 
physically locate in Australia, which is why i half-jokingly speculated 
about a surfer accident or posion spiders back in december - until i 
recently learned it's in the U.S.A - Ooops. )
I've seen artist's websites (i'm also into webcomics... can't seem to 
keep away from anything that a) requires computers, b) comes with flashy 
graphics and c) wastes my time ;) with notes like "sorry, i'm in the 
military and i'm heading off to Bagdad in a week. Won't have internet 
for the next year." Now that's a scary thought... and in that case, i'm 
pretty sure nominating a replacement admin would be waaay down on my list.

>       I would start on "The Black Robe" if I were you John - I was always 
> intrigued by what you might come up with for this round.

Will there be more participants this time...?



(slightly depressed)

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