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  Re: April 30th approaching...  
From: Greg M  Johnson
Date: 26 Apr 2007 21:21:25
Message: <46315014@news.povray.org>
For various reasons, I'm ready to get back in the saddle. (One personal
commitment eased up, computer problems solved, day-job animation project

But I'm not doing anything for this round.

Note: if you are using my povray file. per se,  for selecting topics, make
sure that you enter in a pre-seed number of the exact specified number of
digits (you can choose one anyway you like).

I personally think LOOONNG contest rounds may discourage some who may fear
looking bad in comparison to someone who has the time to put in a full 4.0
months of evenings into a project.  I am sad the 10second club went under.
They were able to generate tons of quality entries with a one-month cycle. 
I wouldda moved us to 2. 

Markus Altendorff wrote:

> ... how's tracing?
> Anyone working on the interim "Space Settelement" animation topic?

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