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From: St 
Date: 11 Apr 2007 18:25:53
Message: <461d6071$1@news.povray.org>
"Markus Altendorff" <maa### [at] panoramasde> wrote in message 

 I think this will still give the anim guys a chance to get something
>> completed, although, I don't know how this will tie-in with their comp 
>> end date.
>>      If this is ok for now, then arrange to email your animations to me 
>> at: mr_gold at tiscali.co.uk
> -> If i read this right, this would set the end date around April 30th/May 
> 1st, so there's some more time to add that extra polish to your 
> animation...

   Ah, cool. Ok, this is fine with me, and as you all might know by now, I'm 
getting quite excited about playing with animations myself, time permitting, 
and thanks to you and others Markus, I will get that merry-go-round working 
correctly. I know that what I  have planned is all circular, but my dream is 
to do a fly-through around the carousel (up and down) with Poser figures sat 
on the horses or in a some kind of cart too. Should be fun doing it!  :o)

> -> I really like the idea with the 1.000 (or so ;) book titles and the 
> POVray random draw that Greg Johnson posted earlier, too. Anyone wants to 
> draw up the next topic?

      This is what we'll be using for the Stills topics, and I think it will 
work great for the Anims too. It's a wonderful idea, and I really thank Greg 
for this great idea too. It will work just fine. With this method, everyone 
will be challenged to produce their INTERPRETATION of the title of an old 
'known' book (whether we know of that title or not). I think this will 
produce diverse Stills/Anims that will be certainly more interesting than 
following a unique topic. I think this idea will really get some minds 
thinking first before prodding finger-to-key.

  Next topic? Sure: "The Black Robe" by Wilkie Collins - 1824-1889.

   (Pulled via "The Hat")

  Set your imagination alight...

> -> how about overlapping the announcement of the next topic with the 
> current round? (like, announcing the topic one, two, four weeks early?)
> Opinions?

    Well, the way that this website is working out at the moment is that 
when the end of a round arrives, the next topic will be 'live' on the 1st of 
the next month/topic. Would this be ok with both Stills and Anims?

   Also, about the Anims, what would you guys prefer? Would you want an 
extra month to develop your animations so that everything ties in with the 
Stills for viewing? (So, instead of 4 anims a year, it would be 3?)

   Thanks for your input Markus, all, it's very much appreciated.


> -Markus

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