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  Re: >>it's to quiet<<  
From: Markus Altendorff
Date: 23 Mar 2007 06:03:37
Message: <4603b409$1@news.povray.org>
dbott wrote:
> HELLO, HELLO, hello...
> IS, IS, is,
> ANY, ANY, any,
> ONE, ONE, one,
> OUT, OUT, out,
> THERE, THERE, there.....?
> Sorry about the echo, the hallways of the irtc are still empty.
> Just checking in......Still pretty quiet.....
> Sorry, Markus I did not complete the topic (space settlement.) I
> was working on some (pov isosurface) and was taking to long to render
> for animation.

No worries, i'm finding it hard to work on it, too. (got preparations 
for a trade fair this weekend) Well, there are still three more 
week(ends) to go, so i guess i won't be letting my new "circular tube" 
space settlement model go to waste (though i guess i'll cut down on my 
first draft of the storyline, for now somehow aptly labelled "requiem").

If the final animation ever sees the light of day (there's actually a 
good chance for that, though i guess i'll have to upload it to my 
webspace and post the URL here, instead of it ever showing up on the 
IRTC itself), then it's going to be about a research trip to a lifeless 
station accidentally crossing path with the solar system. Last scene was 
planned to be a shot of an envelope labelled "Incoming Ring Type Craft, 
2007" (note the acronym ;)

I was actually looking forward for this to be a little inside joke, with 
the IRTC being back up and running by now. Seems to turn into foreboding 
instead... ah well, maybe i'll be able to do something beyond the IRTC 
limits, like a... a... a five-minute epic instead of a 3:45 epic! ;)
Not sure where to post something like that, though... youtube just isn't 
my cup of tea.


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