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  Re: to those that understand  
From: John VanSickle
Date: 1 Mar 2007 20:34:39
Message: <45e77f2f@news.povray.org>
i_need_a_unique_name wrote:
>>>>whats wrong with the human body <<<
> Yeah point taken - though I think in Western society nudity to the level of
> explicit genetailia is a bit more controversial than naked breasts.
> Actually to be honest I think the temperature of Hades would be a degree or
> two higher if I released an animation with an explicit vagina than the
> penis.... anyway this post is as far as I fear to push the boundaries of
> respectability :-) - my main distress was the workflow aspect of poser.
> Yup I've recently started trying blender and other gui modellers (like 4
> weeks ago) and already my admiration for anyone that can do modelling with
> a point and click modeller has jumped by a few orders of magnitude.

Try *writing* a point-and-click modeller.

> I get the impression, from the special features section of DVD's, that the
> animation houses don't model using point and click stuff - well at least
> the initial models most of which appear to be scanned in. I'm not knocking
> them I'm just wondering what the right approach for an amateur is.

 From what I see on the 2nd disc in the Incredibles 2-dvd set, the 
scanned models, if they use them, have to be heavily edited by mouse. 
The clothing in the Incredibles involved a masochistic amount of work, 
and a lot of it appears to have been done with a GUI interface and not a 

One of their models, called Universal Man, probably was done in a 
modelling app.

The posing is done with an app called Marionette, which looks like a 
spreadsheet of animation variables over time.  Pixar doesn't appear to 
use motion-capture (although other houses definitely do), which makes 
their work even more impressive.


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