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  Re: One Small Favor  
From: Markus Altendorff
Date: 5 Feb 2007 06:13:24
Message: <45c71154$1@news.povray.org>
i_need_a_unique_name wrote:
> I'd be happy with the "Space Settlements" topic. It was I understand chosen
> randomly...

Yes, a "double-blind random draw" - i had an random list of all visible 
IRTC topic suggestions, and dbott picked a number...

In a way, Space Settlements is a "Barnum" topic - "something for anyone" 
(like the way horoscopes usually "are right" ;). Wether you're good at 
creating procedural landscapes, or elaborate machinery - wrap it in a 
ring, or a sphere, or a cube, or a pipe - and presto: instant space 
settlement :)

Oh my. Since this is animations, i'm afraid we may be swamped with 
pre-made Babylon 5 downloadable models ;)

Apart from that, it could be something on a planet (inflatable domes?) 
or the classic "ring-in-space" design, a random cluster of 
welded-together wrecks ("Titan A.E.", anyone? ;) ...

Topic also lends itself well to scenes with robots, i'd guess ;)


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