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  Re: One Small Favor  
From: Markus Altendorff
Date: 5 Feb 2007 03:08:21
Message: <45c6e5f5@news.povray.org>
John VanSickle wrote:
> Does the present admin situation prevent the next topic from being 
> published?
> If not, I would be grateful if the topic were chosen and announced.

I second that.

Also, it'd be nice to know if there's some plan for continuing the IRTC 
in its current form? (apart from "waiting indefinitely for admin to reply"?)

Uh, by the way, anyone already started with our for-fun stand-in topic 
of "Space Settlements"? (see postings at irtc.animations around Jan. 30)

I've started modeling a ring-type space station (and really do wish i 
knew how to handle advanced scripting, because decorating something like 
that with all those little tubes and edges and blinkenlights by hand is 
going to be ... ugh ...), but i'd be happy to have/work on an official 
IRTC topic, nonetheless. There's always a chance to slip in your 
pre-made space station into another topic, anyway :)


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