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  Stand-in IRTC animation: while we're waiting...  
From: Markus Altendorff
Date: 29 Jan 2007 19:11:04
Message: <45be8d18@news.povray.org>
... why not do something like the irtc.stills folks?

(A short summary, in case you're reading the newsgroups 
only, and are not subscribed to irt### [at] irtcorg: )

1) IRTC.stills is doing a "replacement IRTC" to bridge the 
time until the next official stills round is (hopefully) 

2) It's two weeks into IRTC.animations Jan.-Apr. 2007, with 
no current topic.

3) so far, no luck in contacting the admin

4) Point 1) was kind of an inspiration, and dbott and me 
sort of drew lots, using the irtc topics suggestion list and 
a single random number.
This pointed to "Space Settlement" as a topic (as good as 
any, i guess ;)

Anyone willing to join in? We're at least three (four?) 
people already. The IRTC ruleset for filesize and all the 
related stuff. There most likely won't be voting (difficult 
to handle), it's just for fun. I'm willing to do the interim 
hosting for the files, but i'm equally willing to pass this 
on to anyone else (of course, including anyone from official 

This is not meant to replace the IRTC or anything. It's just 
an idea to keep our CPUs warm and toasty while hopefully the 
current situation is resolved.


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