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  irtc...being proactive  
From: dbott
Date: 28 Jan 2007 14:13:16
Message: <45bcf5cc$1@news.povray.org>
Markus -
I saw his web page and he looks busy.......

Question 1: Who owns the irtc web page?
 I know it lives on the povray.org server.
And, I know it is run by irtc admin.

Question 2: Why won't someone step up
and take it over?
(If this is one person who is done with it)

Statement : The IRTC has been around a long
time. Obviously, many talented people are participants.
When reading the irtc.stills a lot of people were willing
to take it over. But instead they have started a pseudo

I will throw my name in the hat, I will be willing to take it
over. If this is would be allowed......and get backup admin.
(It has such a great following, it can't just disappear).

Yes, Markus I know what your going to say we need to
see what develops with the current situation. That's fine,
but it would be nice to have something and someone in place
to take over. Which gets back to my original  question----
Who owns the irtc web page?  And, can we use it?
A web site that gets pass around from admin to admin
when he retires...putting his own mark on it.
(That might be to optimistic)

......and I like the newest entry Danse Macabre....good one.

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