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  Re: I've started a preview-viewing page. Oh woe me... ;)  
From: Markus Altendorff
Date: 27 Jan 2007 06:43:07
Message: <45bb3acb$1@news.povray.org>
dbott wrote:

> Ok Markus -
> I just emailed you my animation submission. Like I said, this is my
> first time. Tell me what you think......I know I could have added
> a lot more detail.....I watched yours, and you kicked my ass.
> So can you tell me why your 9.5 meg animation is 5 times longer
> than my 9.5 meg animation. Do you use a compression program?
> Just trying to find answers and learn...........

Usually, i'm rendering out the frames as 720x360 (720 means 
it's not going to be re-scaled, just letterboxed when it 
goes to DVD, which has 720x576 size).

I'm a mac guy, so this is a quicktime .mov file, with jpeg 
at maximum quality. About 600 MB for 3:44. I export that to 
DV stream AVI, and copy it over to my PC (haven't found a 
well-working MPEG compressor for mac yet...).

I run that file through TMPEGenc (which has a very 
unscrupulous setting of 320 kbits/sec for video + 32 
kbit/sec mono audio) with an output size of 320x160). I try 
to ignore the horrible compression artefacts :) and that's 
about it.

Without a soundtrack, you may go to 360 kbit video for 9.99 
MB at 3:44.

I've picked that time when i was using Astarte's M.Pack, 
which had a lowest possible 360 kBit preset for that. Ah, 
the days of MacOS 9... long gone, as is M.Pack.


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