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  Re: I've started a preview-viewing page. Oh woe me... ;)  
From: dbott
Date: 26 Jan 2007 22:01:40
Message: <45bac094@news.povray.org>
"Markus Altendorff" <maa### [at] anthrosphinxde> wrote in message
> Here goes nothing:
> http://www.asamnet.de/~altendom/irtcstuff/index.html
> (Notice for future archive diggers: This address will be
> 404'd once the real IRTC is again updated... it is not
> intended to be permanent.)
> If, for now, you want your movie to appear in that list,
> too, and you've entered this round of the IRTC animations,
> please either send me the files to publish *) or just a link
> to the three IRTC files **).
> *) This means i need to put them on my webspace. Don't send
> your files if you're not OK with that! As for the mail
> address, try the one from the news header :)
> **) In that case, i'll link to your files. If you remove
> them from your webspace, the links will be broken.
> -Markus

Ok Markus -
I just emailed you my animation submission. Like I said, this is my
first time. Tell me what you think......I know I could have added
a lot more detail.....I watched yours, and you kicked my ass.
So can you tell me why your 9.5 meg animation is 5 times longer
than my 9.5 meg animation. Do you use a compression program?
Just trying to find answers and learn...........


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