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  Re: IRTC...The Future  
From: Markus Altendorff
Date: 26 Jan 2007 03:54:59
Message: <45b9c1e3@news.povray.org>
dbott wrote:
>>> I hope it all works out for the irtc.......Ok, as for my number, how
>>> about......hm..........................45.
>> Congratulations, this corresponds to topic: "Space Settlements"
>> Annotation reads: "These huge artificial worlds were
>> conceived in the 1970s, but there have been almost no
>> artist's renderings since then. Hills, lakes, buildings,
>> vehicles, people -- all on the INSIDE of the world instead
>> of the outside. (See http://tinyurl.com/n83uy)"
> All right -
> Yes very interesting topic.....lets set a completion time.
> Something quick and dirty or should we put some time into it. I worked on
> coo
> coo (my official irtc entry for Jan 15th) in about a month. I could and
> should have
> put a little more time into it. I'm kinda angry no one gets to see it right
> now.

Hey, just upload it and i'll promise to look at it. Maybe we should 
build a preliminary viewing page until the "real IRTC" is back? I've 
some webspace to spare, so drop a link and i'll see what i can do. Or 
zip it up and send it to
then insert (at) and then complete the mail address with
(the hoops you need to jump through just to keep spammers out... sigh.)

> """"WHERE IS IRTC""" Sorry just venting a little................hm

Well, (just some delirious scenario following, not meant to offend 

endless desert and/or ridden with the most poisonous creatures 
imaginable and/or full of easy-going people with floppy hats full of 
fishing hooks and corks ;) - so maybe our missing admin had a bad run-in 
with some jellyfish and needs to stay in hospital for a month without 
web access...?

> Anyone else want to join in on this topic..............

I've felt inspired, though i must admit my idea for an animation wasn't 
original but rather leaned on an older short story from a 70s SciFi 
collection. Would be nice to see if Cinema4D now can handle a 200 units 
figure inside a 2,000,000 units toroid... older versions went through 
the roof with rendering times if you did that - i had to split scenes 
with backgrounds when i made the "Escape" outdoor scenes and render the 
close-ups in two passes, with the background from pass1 as moving 
texture in pass 2.

> How do you want to access them. You can download mine from
> my web page eastsoundsuites.com. I can add a page to it.
> It's not a graphics web site it's my business site.
> Vacation rental...

Careful: if we decide to do this (like the irtc.stills people working on 
their "stand-in" project right now), its resulting movies may not make 
it back to the irtc website - at least not as an "official" round. Of 
course, i may be totally wrong there. I just don't want to "branch off 
the IRTC", it's such a nice household name.

Hey, maybe my question about "two extra weeks" was taken seriously, and 
the admin will be back by Jan.31st and wondering what all this was about...?


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