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  Re: Looks like a real round this time  
From: Markus Altendorff
Date: 18 Jan 2007 05:13:15
Message: <45af483b$1@news.povray.org>
John VanSickle wrote:
> 11 entries (not counting what look like replacement entries).
> We haven't had this many since July of 2005.

Indeed! I can hardly wait to see what's been sent in. And, for the first 
time in quite some time, i found an insane amount of fun in working with 
3D - may be the new software, or some of the how-to books i actually 
read through and remembered, i don't know. It seemed much easier this 
time to get the effects i wanted, or to at least understand why things 
did *not* work out how i wanted, and to make the computer do some things 
  by itself, not by tedious click-drag-click-point-click-click ;)

I also had a real learning experience yesterday - i put my previous 
contributions into a playlist and watched them end-to-end.

Yuck. Ewww. I did that hideous stuff, and it's OUT IN PUBLIC? Uh oh... ;)
In hindsight, i'd diagnose myself with a severe case of 
look-what-i-built-Disease, i.e. neglecting a video's timing because 
"hey, this was so hard to create, let's show it like an exhibit, not 
like a prop in a movie"...

Did anyone already tell me this, and was i just not listening? ;)


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