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  Re: Anim: How about an additional two weeks time? :)  
From: Markus Altendorff
Date: 14 Jan 2007 20:29:37
Message: <45aad901$1@news.povray.org>
> i_need_a_unique_name wrote:
>> Hope there are a decent number of entries this time round, I'd hate 
>> for my
>> entry to get listed in any of the winners just because there is <= 3
>> because being my first it really isn't upto story content standard of the
>> previous rounds.

i wrote:

> Well, there's a mystery entry already on the server, i'm still trying to 
> make one, and i guess we've an all but confirmed VanSickle movie on the 
> radar...
> Would all others planning to enter please step up, too...? ;)

Wow, already six animations! (nothing by the name of 
"Rusty", so i guess we'll see at least one more?) and unless 
something bad happens, i guess i'll also have one ready by 
tomorrow night. Four scenes in the render queue, and 27 
hours remaining...

>> Is it possible to enter multiple times, overwriting previous entries with
>> better versions if rendered in time?
> Yes, that would be nice :) otherwise, i guess i'll have to fill in the 
> missing scenes in my new epic with my scanned-in storyboard drawings - 
> not a sight for the squeamish ;)

After thinking a bit about that, i think it may be a bad 
idea (the "overwrite previous", not the "drawings" ;) - 
overwriting same-name files on a server without 
authorization isn't really nice to do...

> At least i've learned a LOT about my 3D software over the last two 
> weeks... (updated C4D 9->10, all new shiny buttons, but WTF has the 
> workflow i was used to gone...?! ;)

Just in case someone's actually caring about that ;)
after about a hundred hours of severe computer prodding, i 
feel i've got some of my workflow back - and then some :)


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