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  Re: irtc...being proactive  
From: Markus Altendorff
Date: 28 Jan 2007 17:11:42
Message: <45BD1F7B.4040809@anthrosphinx.de>
I wrote five minutes ago, in irtc.animations:

> The current admin is supposedly Jesse Becker, though it's really 
> worrisome that he's so long unaccounted for... maybe just because i've 
> had very bad experiences when people suddenly stopped their online 
> activities, because things DO happen...
> Feeding J.B.'s PGP key (not the name) from his Nov.2006 postings into 
> Google turned up no newsgroup posts after Jan. 2005. OK, that's not 
> quite thorough research, and proves just about nothing, but it's as 
> disquieting as the IRTC's silence.
> I've written to his two PGP-confirmed mail accounts that turned up in 
> the process. Keeping fingers crossed...

Alright, i'm officially creeped out now.

Both accounts, at speakeasy.net and yahoo.com, do not exist 
(any more?). Bounce, end of Data, "This user doesn't have a 
yahoo.com account", "speakeasy.net: Sorry, no mailbox here 
by that name".

Well, i ran out of ideas and can see the floor of my toolbox 
now. Don't know what else to do. Will pass this on to stills 
and irtc-l, too. Don't flame me for crossposting. I just 
felt it's important.

Anybody else any bright ideas...?


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