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  Re: Next topic?  
From: Greg M  Johnson
Date: 22 Jul 2006 22:37:43
Message: <44c2e0f5@news.povray.org>
Now that's one that is so open that probably any anim made with a computer
can said to be on-topic.  I always bristle whenever the topic seems like
it's more of an invitation to make a demonstration piece for exhaustive
photorealism than it is for storytelling. This one is more open.

I've typically had computer problems the past year or so which required as
much attention as did the raytracing. It's because I've been sloughing
through a different Linux distro on my boxes almost every quarter.  My
latest infatuation is with a HDD install of Knoppix.

Markus Altendorff wrote:

> Next topic: "Technology".

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