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  Re: A week's worth of time left  
From: Sascha Ledinsky
Date: 16 Apr 2005 05:28:21
Message: <4260dab5$1@news.povray.org>
Markus Altendorff wrote:
> Sascha Ledinsky wrote:
>> Looks like there are only three submissions this round :-(
> Ouch. There were anywhere between 9 and 14 submissions in the last five 
> rounds. Looks like "Imposter!" didn't really inspire...
> On the other hand, as of this writing, the FTP caption has not been 
> updated yet (i.e. no new topic announced) - maybe there are a few more 
> still waiting for approval?
> -Markus

I don't think so: I submitted mine just about 4 hours ahead of the 
deadline, and it immediately appeared in the ftp folder :-/

The good thing about it is that there's a chance that I'm among the top 
three :-)

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