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  Re: What is "Technical Merit"?  
From: Mike Raiford
Date: 17 Feb 2005 07:50:11
Message: <42149303@news.povray.org>
>>Snipped all of the conversation<<

OK.. I have a relavent question:

If the animation has sound, and if that sound contains dialog, Would it 
necessarily be a bad thing to knock points off for poor lip sync at that 

The addition of audio seems to really muddy the waters. It *shouldn't* 
affect Artistic, Concept, or Technical merits, but can. I think anyone 
who is willing to take the extra step of adding a dialog track to the 
animation must also be willing to take the extra step to ensure that 
dialog "looks" correct in the animation. Though, those who cannot hear 
the audio stream would then give the animation a higher rating.


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