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  Re: What is "Technical Merit"?  
From: Tim Nikias
Date: 17 Feb 2005 03:56:26
Message: <42145c3a$1@news.povray.org>
> Ok, lets come to the point: Do you think that, if a stroy relies on
> dialog, addind subtitles is ok (and will not lead to penalizing the
> entry), or do you think that a story that relies on dialog is generally
> weak (for an "Animation")?

I don't think that a story relying on dialog is generally weak. But when you
do have spoken words, and only with those you make the emotions clear (e.g.
shouting, crying), but the animation doesn't show this, you really "rely" on
the audio to show what you're incapable of animating, and that definitely is
not what an animation contest is about.

If the same mood can be acquired via subtitles, then it's fine and there's
no point in penalizing it because of the sound used. That's my take on it,
and others might see it different.

The piano animation for example is relying on the sound, but it's because
it's music that is being played, you can't subtitle "Nice and moody music".
But, like I already said, if the sounds take the place of what you should
animate, then you're entering the wrong contest.

"Tim Nikias v2.0"
Homepage: <http://www.nolights.de>

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