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  Re: What is "Technical Merit"?  
From: Sascha Ledinsky
Date: 16 Feb 2005 07:19:08
Message: <42133a3c$1@news.povray.org>
Warp wrote:
>It means nothing.

But in that case, wouldn't it make sense to abandon the three-categories 
concept at all and let the judges simply submit a ranking list?

I have to admit, that's how I always do my ratings: By comparing two 
entries I decide which one is better (which is not alwasy easy), and 
thus I build a ranking list. But then I have to decide how to rate them 
in each individual category (which is even harder), and once I finish 
that I often find out that the new ranking list is almost top-down, or 
at least that my favorit image/animation suddenly has only got an 
average score and wouldn't even get a honorable mention. So I start 
fine-tuning the individual scores to get as close as possible to my 
original ranking list, while still trying to keep meaningful scores in 
each category.

I'm lucky, the last three times I entered it was in animations, because 
using this procedure for 50 or more stills entries would take weeks ;-)

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