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  Re: What is "Technical Merit"?  
From: Warp
Date: 16 Feb 2005 06:49:40
Message: <42133354@news.povray.org>
David Cuny <dcu### [at] lansetcom> wrote:
> So what does technical mean, anyhow?

  It means nothing. It means whatever the judge happens to want it to mean
in that particular image. In some images it may mean the richness in
detail, in others it may mean the photorealism of the image, in some
images it means absolutely nothing. And the exact same principle applies
to the other two categories as well. (I'm still shaking my head about
a "wow! impressive! 20-20-20" type of comment in an image with a couple
of rocks and water which had lighting artifacts and was not really all
that original and innovative.)

plane{-x+y,-1pigment{bozo color_map{[0rgb x][1rgb x+y]}turbulence 1}}
sphere{0,2pigment{rgbt 1}interior{media{emission 1density{spherical
density_map{[0rgb 0][.5rgb<1,.5>][1rgb 1]}turbulence.9}}}scale
<1,1,3>hollow}text{ttf"timrom""Warp".1,0translate<-1,-.1,2>}//  - Warp -

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