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From: Jaime Medina
Date: 11 Jan 2005 12:11:58
Message: <41e408de$1@news.povray.org>


I have been reading your postings for the last 7 weeks and found them
extremely informative and inspiring.

I decided to use several of the works posted here plus a few touches on my
own and came out with a movie that I like to share with you.


I do not pretend to use unauthorized copies of your work, please if anyone
feels I am doing that just advice me and I will gladly remove your work from
my movie.

This short film is public domain and pretends to target kids with some
educational info with a touch of fantasy.

I have this idea... if there is some interest of course... We (you and I)
could start movie studio to produce:

 * Educational Videos
 * Entertainment Video
 * Musical Videos
 * Documentaries,
 * Company productions,
 * Advertising,
 * etc.

These may be targeted to all ages, family and/or adult audiences.

We have a fast web server, mail server, news server, video server and

We need
 * Actors, both male and female, all ages,
 * Show hosts,
 * Speakers,
 * Writers,
 * Producers,
 * Investors,
 * Attorneys,
 * Accountants,
 * Video and sound editors,
 * Composers,
 * Artists,
 * Performers,
 * Programmers,
 * Network managers and installers,
 * and you!

We can produce all range of films from public domain to huge movie

Interested? Drop me a note, lets make some starts no just talk about them.

mai### [at] jaimemedinacom?subject=The_Movie_Project

Best Regards

Jaime Medina


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