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  Re: Tim Nikias -- Your IRTC Anim  
From: Tim Nikias
Date: 31 Oct 2004 05:07:14
Message: <4184b952@news.povray.org>
> I'm impressed :)
> Well done. The camera work was superb, BTW. Can't wait to see how yours
> fares in the competition..

Uh, thank you! *blushes* :-)

> I very much enjoy watching all of the IRTC anims, I've never entered the
> animation contest, mainly because I can't put together a good enough
> story.. I should try some time, however..

Yeah, you should do that. But start early enough. I was finished about two
days before the deadline, and I was working almost constantly at it when at
home. I started a little late, you know. Now I'm reworking some of the
scenes (e.g. the hand-shaked camera wasn't used in the first few scenes,
some effects couldn't be done in time, like a distortion effect when the
plasma charges, etc) and =Bob= is composing a soundtrack for it. It's real
fun! :-)

"Tim Nikias v2.0"
Homepage: <http://www.nolights.de>

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